Who created Curl District?

I created Curl District after my own natural hair journey. When I did my big chop in November of 2013, I found myself in for more than what I had bargained. I realized how real curl envy was when I found myself frustrated and lost with finding the right products for my hair. I wanted my natural hair to have someone else’s curl pattern and found it hard to appreciate my own. To me, my own hair just wasn’t acting or looking right. However, only when I stopped obsessing about having another curl pattern did my hair and self-esteem flourish.

I let my hair do its own thing, whether it was a wash-and-go, a cute pineapple or a two-week old ‘fro. My new confidence in my hair made me appreciate being natural, and I felt proud to be part of such a strong community. In a world that tells textured girls that straight hair is the beauty standard, natural girls worldwide have been passionate and proud about their hair, affirming that we are our own beauty standard. This is why I created Curl District.

Raven Bedenfield
Creator & Proud Curly Girl

Mission & Vision 

Curl District seeks to promote the beauty of natural hair by spreading awareness and self-love through our clothing line. Our vision as a company is to create a community that appreciates the beauty of natural hair in all its forms and encourages natural girls to fully embrace their uniquely beautiful curl pattern. Using our influence, we intend to reduce ‘curl envy’ in the global natural hair community.